Jeunesse L1FE NMN Dietary Supplement

You have one life. Live it well with L1FE NMN, a dietary supplement with the Youthful Complex 6 proprietary blend of six cutting-edge, well-researched ingredients. NMN helps support the body’s NAD+ levels. Alpinia galanga and PQQ create energy at the cellular level and support healthy brain function. L1FE NMN also features Bioperine black pepper fruit extract for absorption support, l-citrulline, a long-studied and helpful amino acid, as well as pterostilbene, a stilbenoid that is found naturally in berries. Take L1FE NMN to regain youthful energy and feel confident that you are maximizing your healthy years, so every day is lived well.*

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A remarkable health span*
Youthful energy*
A sharper mind*
To live well*

Take 1 to 2 servings in the morning with food.

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